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Dave Preece Bespoke
Pool Coaching

Dave Preece is a local Pool Coach based in Crewe. Dave is a passionate pool player that combines his wealth of knowledge and renowned talent in to his bespoke pool coaching. One of Dave’s unique selling points is his one to one bespoke coaching, where he customises each and every lesson to the player.

Dave Preece approached Digifrog Designs to design a simple and memorable brand mark that could be used across his business stationery and his student awards. 

The Mark must also be versatile to match his brand as his business grows. It was important for the brand mark to stand out and step away from traditional pool coaching logos which were often boring and cumbersome. It was also important for yellow to be used in the mark.  

Key Thoughts While Designing The New Logo

While working on this project there were a few considerations from the initial discussions with Dave that would need to be met to help find a solution for the new logo design.


The identity should show flow and structure

With the mark being for an instructor, it was important that the mark show structure and form that echos that of a set plan and tuition.

The mark should target all 

pool players

The mark should use elements that can appeal to everyone, making it gender and age neutral. How can this be created to add cohesion to the brand?

The logo should be unique and personal

The logo should take a step away from the competition to truly set Dave apart from the local completion, by using his name it adds familiarity.

The identity should also also work across all stationery

What ways can we keep the flow of the logo design and incorporate that into all the stationery Dave requires? What forms do these take?

Logo Design on Hat Mock Up

The perfect logo design

Taking the key considerations from the initial consultation with Dave, research into the pool community started. Using my in-depth and structured research methods to gather key identifiers that we commonly try to stay clear of in logo design. Dave was a lover of yellow so had asked for the logo and his branding to reflect this.

The initial focus for the logo design revolved around incorporating structure and form to the logo which was identified as being one of the key areas for the logo design to incorporate. Focusing on this it felt that flowing curves and bold, rectangular shapes best represented flow and also represented the features of a pool table.

Exploring these shapes, combined with Dave’s initials was the first step, as I felt this was still a way he could remain identifiable.

The sketching started, honing in on a specific style and idea that could be developed further into the final logo design.

To add visual interest and structure to the logo design, it was decided that the initials should flow together in one continuous line to symbolise the travel of a ball. Which had resulted in the opening of the “p” to symbolise the pocket on a pool table, ultimately creating a DP monogram.

To support the main monogram a bold san-serif type face was selected that resembled the main monogram but still added a little contrast. All together the final logo is modern, functional and dynamic which perfectly solves the considerations outlined. 


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