Dan Toft Music Logo Design

Dan Toft Music

Dan Toft is a local musician and guitar tutor who also hosts open mic nights in and around the Cheshire area. Dan is a passionate musician that has a large number of accolades to his name. One of Dan’s many unique selling points is his professionalism, from how he approaches a gig; session work or even his open mic nights. What sets him apart with his open mic nights is that he uses all his own equipment, the night is professionally run and he has built up quite a following from them.

Dan Toft approached Digifrog Designs to design a simple and memorable brand mark that would be unique to him and allow him to stand out from the crowd. The Mark must also be versatile to match his brand as his business grows. It was really important for the logo to attract the right people and represent the music industry.

Key Thoughts While Designing The New Logo

While working on this project there were a few considerations from the initial discussions with Dan that would need to be met to help find a solution for the new logo design.


The identity should show attitude and style

One of the most common descriptions when it comes to musicians is based around their style and “chops” attitude. How can this be shown in the logo?

The mark should target music lovers and students

The mark should use common elements from in the music industry to appeal to the main target audience for the logo. How do we appeal to both?

The logo should fit in the music industry

The logo should take some key design elements form the music industry and use common identifiers within the final mark.

The identity should also market tuition services

How can we incorporate tuition into the design whilst keeping true to the musician roots? The right balance needs to be found to appeal to both!

Guitar Pick Logo Design Mock Up

The Perfect Logo Design

Taking the key considerations from the initial discussions with Dan, research into the target areas started by using in-depth and structured research to gather key identifiers that should be used in the logo design. There was no set colour scheme for the project, although a lot of the marketing material Dan was using was black, white and shades of grey.

The initial focus from this research was towards old flight case logos and stickers, as this was a common practice in touring musicians to quickly identify their equipment while touring. Other avenues were explored however this style is the one that captivated most, if not all the considerations off the bat.

Exploring these design styles it was decided that a monogram style mark would be the best solution for the problem, based on this hundreds of initial sketches were produced, tweaking and fine tuning the monogram. 

Once the final monogram was decided the construction of the mark began, the main monogram does not use font and is completely custom.

To add visual interest to the monogram logo design, custom textures were created that could be used to distress the logo to give the feeling of being painted or roughened up on flight cases through years of touring.

To support the main monogram a serif type face was selected that resembled the main monogram but still added a little contrast with a smaller x-hight. It was felt there was a little too much negative space between the two sections of type. So using some of the initial research that was conducted, it was decided a guitar pick was incorporated into the space to finish the flow.

All together the final logo is hard-hitting and has attitude that perfectly solves the considerations outlined.

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