Case Study – My Virtual Agent

My Virtual Agent

Case Study

The Problem

How do we bridge the gap of human and virtual? How do we create an identity that links to two in a harmonious way, whilst maintaining its ultra modern sex appeal and its cutting edge application in the sales and marketing world. 

The Solution

A strategic branding system—logo, messaging, social media and collateral—that not only hints at its futuristic technologies but also maintains true to its humanised nature and champions its effects on efficiency to help boost ROI. Problem solving tech.

Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Guidelines

Who Are My Virtual Agent?

My Virtual Agent are a start up venture that use pioneering humanised artificial intelligence communication software to increase sales, improve efficiency and maximise return on investment for leading sales and marketing companies.

They approached Digifrog Designs to create a clear brand story to help drive awareness, brand recognition and position the brand ready for launch. 

Over a period of two months we completely built the brand from the ground up – Strategy, design, messaging and social media design.  

The Strategy

To kick the project off we got right down to business in our initial consultation with My Virtual Agent’s Managing Directors. Diving deep into discovery; exploring My Virtual Agent, its product and its customers. 

From this it allowed us to identify key insights into the pain points of My Virtual Agent’s clients and how their technology facilitates to help solve these problems. Taking these we were able to build solid customer profiles to help direct the construction of the brand in its values, tone and appearance.


“We need to focus on the humanised nature and stay away from the typical cyborg futuristic design” – Chris My Virtual Agent MD 
During our initial conversation discussing the direction for the project, quite early on My Virtual Agent wanted to stay away from many of the typical choices when talking about Artificial Intelligence. The reason for this was they wanted the emphasis to fall on the humanised nature of the AI which is where the phrase Virtually Human originated.

The idea of virtually human quickly generated a series of visuals and ideas that helped shape the brand moving forward. The main logo mark is constructed by combining key ideas from a hexagon and the symbol for an artificial neural network. Combining them in a humanised molecule format representing the seamless integration of the two.

A hexagon is largely considered the most efficient shape due to the way it can repeat perfectly and it’s found all throughout nature relating to the humanised elements of the product. Artificial Neural Networks are composed of multiple nodes, which imitate biological neurons of the human brain.

Using this as a foundation the design started to quickly form. Creating something unique that represents its humanised technology and the efficiency that it offers to their clients. 

One of the 3 visionboards presented to My Virtual Agent

Virtually Human

We are an innovator and leader in AI powered Customer Experience software. Our solutions are high-quality and excellent value. We strive to understand our clients needs and exceed their expectations. If you want a partner who will work closely with you to achieve success, rather than just take your money, we’re ready and waiting.

Click the image below to view the full brand guidelines.


“Matt was brilliant from day one listening to our needs and wants. We couldn’t be happier with the end result and the fantastic branding we now have for My Virtual Agent.

Would always recommend Matt for his professionalism and superb service.”

Jack Shrimpton – Managing Director 
My Virtual Agent

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