C and M Snagging

C and M Snagging

C and M Snagging are a new build snagging specialistthat provide professional and structured audits for your new build homes to claim on defects against the house builder under the initial 2 year warranty. C and M Snagging strive to give their clients a thorough report to allow them to get their house at the quality they deserve. 

C and M Snagging approached Digifrog Designs to design a simple and memorable brand mark that could be used across their business stationery and van livery. The logo design created must also be versatile to match to give them uniformity and direction to their branding.

Key Thoughts While Designing The New Logo

While working on this project there were a few considerations from the initial discussions with C and M that would need to be met to help find a solution for the new logo design. 


The identity should show love and


The main mark was to appeal to home owners especially new build home owners that are house proud and want to care for their investment.

The mark should be appealing 

to all

The mark should use elements that can appeal to everyone, making it gender and age neutral. But in doing so need to keep the feeling of care and love.


The logo should be unique and 

stand out

The logo design must stand out from the competition, but also contain main traits from the industry to give a familiar feeling to the brand.

The identity should be unique and


What ways can we keep the flow of the logo design and incorporate that into all the stationery and livery required? What forms does this take?

Logo Design On Hard Hat Mock up

The Perfect Logo Design

Using the information gathered from the initial discussions with C and M Snagging I started my initial research into the competition identifying key features that are used in the industry and what symbolism was used. There were no key colour schemes identified by C and M so using this time research was conducted into the colouring that could be used across the branding.

The initial focus for the logo design was trying to create a memorable monogram for C and M but as the sketches and research progressed it was decided this was too predictable and too inline with the competition and didn’t give for the unique and memorable brand that C and M wanted.

Exploring more of the ideas that had been generated in the initial sketching phase it was decided that the mark should be based around loving your home. 

From this further explorations through sketches were conducted trying to find a unique and interesting way to combine the elements that also created the symbolism needed.

To add visual interest and a sense of completeness to the mark so it didn’t feel like it was floating after exploring various options; it was decided that it would be positioned inside of a hexagon as this best represented the shape of the house and could mirror the design.

To support the main logo mark a strong san-serif type face was selected to further give a sense of foundations and stability. All together the final logo is modern, functional and dynamic that perfectly solves the considerations outlined.

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